The Burlington Community School District is a growing district that serves over 4,000 students and is located in Burlington Iowa.

Burlington Community School District
1429 West Avenue
Burlington, IA 52601


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District Office
 High School (Grades 9-12)
District Office: 319-753-6791
 Main Office: 319-753-2211
Fax: 319-753-6796 Fax: 319-753-6634
Mr. Patrick Coen        x1403
 Dave Keane

Ms. Brenda Mitchell       x1413

Edward Stone Middle School
Director of Special Services

Main Office: 319-752-4393
Fax: 319-752-7437

Mr. Jeremy Tabor     x1404

Brian Johnson
Director of Human Resources

Mr. Greg Reynolds    x1407
 Aldo Leopold Middle School
Director of Business Services
 Main Office: 319-752-8390
  Mark Yeoman
Ms. Sharon Dentlinger      x1412

Director of Curriculum

Black Hawk Elementary

Main Offiice: 319-753-5300

Fax: 319-753-5097

  Chris Richards
  Corse Elementary
  Main Office: 319-753-2707
  Fax: 319-753-9862
  Mr. Mark Taylor
  Grimes Elementary
  Main Office: 319-753-0420
  Fax: 319-753-6039
  Joe Rector
  North Hill Elementary
  Main Office: 319-753-6363
  Fax: 319-753-6901
  Tim Cradic

  Sunnyside Elementary
  Main Office: 319-753-5244
  Fax: 319-753-1856
  Tim Bolander